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Sharon Zehavi


While searching for a new direction in life, I came across clay. The intoxicating wonderful feeling of its structure, exposed and connected me to the route I was searching for, allowing the creations which are an outcome of my inner thoughts and sensations. My works mainly deals with femininity ,womanhood, intimacy & motherhood which are the reflection of my main interests ,inner thoughts and inspiration.

In my studio in Tivon I sculpture myself and teach adults sculpturing and methods of working with clay.


Anyone interested in the joy of creation, in the experience of shaping material into life, bringing owns imagination into self creations, are welcome to visit, feel for themselves and fall in love with creativity.


My works are exhibited in my home in Ramat Tivon and put-up for sale.
Anyone interested in tailor-made creations are welcome to place special orders.


To watch galery - press here


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